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Comfy Cat Tails Pet Sitting takes great pride in looking after your precious fur babies and making sure they are looked after while you are busy at work, on vacation or unable to do on your own.   

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Comfy Cat Tails Pet Sitting takes great pride in looking after your furbabies and making sure they are looked after while you are busy at work, on vacation or unable to do on your own.



I am taking Sept evening of 1 to the 15th, 2024 off as I will be AWAY those two weeks.  You can still contact me and will be able to book before & after these dates.  Thank you for understanding.

If you live in the downtown area with closures due to Kingston's expanding of patios,OR the hardship of parking and chaos of traffic, I can not take on as a client as of now.  If Kingston reopens everything and the barriers of the streets clear, I will remain pet sits in that area.  If already a client, this will NOT affect you.  Thanks, Chrissie.




Our Services

Reiki for Cats Coming Soon

Cat Stretching on Sheets

Reiki pricing & information coming soon! Keep checking our web page as well on Facebook for updates!

Initial Consultation - Free
The consultation allows you to meet us, discuss what you services you require, paperwork for getting information about your pet.
1 Hour Cat Visit - $25.00
An hour long cat visit so they have a chance to play after do their litter etc.
20 Min Visit - $16.00

A kitty visit - food, water, litter (medication if needed) and a bit of play.
**Key pick up/drop off - $10.00**
Unless given key at time of consultation, then the fee will apply for pick up or drop off if you require key back.
30 Min Visit - $18.00

A small visit to play with your kitty and feed,, water, etc. Or 30 min visit for your pet.
Nail Clipping - $20.00

Having issues clipping your kitty's nails? Let us help you with that. *If kitty is extra feisty, may need another person to help restraint.* 

45 Min Visit - $20.00

A visit to play with the kitty and feed, water etc. Or a 45 min visit for your pet.

**Ferry Prices are at owner's expense** will be added at time of invoice.


Holiday Additional Charge of $5.00 (Each Visit) Applies to days for: 
New Years Day, Family Day, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, National Day For Truth & Reconciliation, Christmas Day, Boxing Day.

**All prices are subject to change**

Contact Us
Questions? Wanting to book by email?

About Your Pet Sitter





I Have been Pet Sitting for over 10 years and have worked in the Animal field in and out of school. I love animals and treat each and every pet as my own.  Through the years, I have had the pleasure of walking and sitting over hundreds of animals and have owned my own animals with medical issues that I miss dearly even now.  Today I own three cats and hoping for more. 

I am also a Reiki Master and will soon be adding this to the business.  Prices & information to follow shortly, so keep checking back! This will only be available to cats at this time.  I have also finished my degree in Feline Behaviour & Psychology with Distinction.

I started up this business as your pet(s) deserve a calm and stress-free atmosphere when you are away.  It allows them to stay at home and enjoy the normal every day routines.  I look after cats, rabbits, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, fish and other small animals.  The dogs I do have I absolutely love and I am at my capacity for dogs as I am the one who looks after your pets and no one else.  I recommend Thousand Island Pet Services for dogs.

Sorry unfortunately I do not do reptiles, arachnids or amphibians at this time.   Possibly in the future.  If have these animal(s) while wanting a pet sitter, please inform at time of consultation.

Chrissie Poulin

Owner/Operator of Comfy Cat Tails Pet Sitting.



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